I am not running this week, which means I have already begun to consciously eat less food because I am petrified of weight gain. Actually, yesterday–being day 2 of not running–was quite awful. I biked for 30 minutes and then lifted but when I got home I weighed 116! (This is the point in time when I freak out and swear that I won’t eat anything the next day.) This morning I weighed 114, so I felt a little better about eating today. I had coffee for breakfast, powerbar at 11am and a bowl of cereal at 1pm. I definitely want to return to 111, but that is pretty much impossible without lots of miles, so if I can just maintain 113-114 this week, I will be ok and those extra 2 or 3 pounds will likely come off in the first few weeks of winter training.

I am so determined to do well in track this year, that I take everything to the extreme. In the midst of determining my winter running plan with Michelle today over the phone, she mentions that the weight loss is going to really help me and will continue to be a very positive thing if I can continue eating healthy and keeping the weight off.

I can’t decide what I think about this. It is not a scary thing when distance runners lose weight, it is a good thing and means you will potentially run faster. And I just want to run faster.

I will make the track traveling team.

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