I need to run top 8 tomorrow. I WANT TO RUN TOP 8 tomorrow. I know I can run top 8 tomorrow.

I run because it is amazing. All I am going to do tomorrow is run. Fast. Fuck negative thoughts. Running is fun! I came here because what I do is run. It’s not complicated.

I’m going to stick to A’s back like glue. I’m going to let anyone else pass me if they so desire. They WILL come back, just stick with A. I am strong, it’s going to be painful but I can do it. Up the hill even pace, top of the hill, 5 quick steps. Downhill, turnover, turnover, turnover. Fly. This is fun I can do it. 2nd mile, even pace, strong, rhythm, relax. Hill: 5 quick steps. Almost there almost there. Downhill, this is it. Look ahead, pass the next girl. I have worked hard. I CAN finish strong. Finish line, it’s all guts. Got to go now. Do not have a single ounce of energy left, embrace the pain. Just run.

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