I am sick. I do not know what I need. Sleep? vitamins? water? food? nutrition? stress? All of these things?

I am lost and confused and a tad frightened that I am almost 21 and still cannot figure out how to take care of myself. I ALWAYS GET SICK! arghhhh. Today’s practice was awful. But ended ironically well because the top 4 girls were pushing me in on the last interval and I ran as fast as they had been running, and 23 seconds faster than my first one.

I need to figure out, for the sake of my health, why I always get sick.

3 thoughts on “I want to be healthy

  1. Well, I’m no doctor, but you are underweight, probably not eating enough, and clearly stressed. I kind of wish you didn’t love running so much and weren’t so good at it. I wonder if you would have such stress about your weight if you weren’t a runner. Maybe you’d be happier over all . . .

    My daughter is very thin and is working hard against “the monster.” ED is a monster and she’s shown so much courage in this weird fight that no one really understands – including us.

    Good luck to you, Emily. My prayers are with you. (You seem happier than the last time I looked at your site in the spring.)


  2. When your underweight, your body can’t function properly. So getting sick all the time is like a wake-up call. It’s saying “fuel me properly, and don’t starve me anymore”.


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