It keeps coming off. 113. It’s about that time of the month for bloating and whatnot too, when a few extra pounds of water weight are added…and instead am losing weight. Although unfortunately I still feel horribly bloated. I really am perplexed about this weight loss. I haven’t even been trying to not eat. Although, one night Bri and I got mexican food, and I had a burrito and that was the closest I have come to purging since May. I mean it took a lot of energy to not purge. So my mind is still constantly ready to jump back into old habits. I definitely do not want to purge though. Ever again in my life. Oddly I have not been obsessively counting calories either. I guess I am purposely trying to be oblivious. I don’t want to know if I’m eating “too much” and I don’t want to know if I’m not eating enough.

It’s weird though, because I am so happy about this 7 pound loss but at the same time I could swear at times that I have gained 7 pounds rather than lost it. The mirror is seriously the devil. Three more pounds…….

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