We arrived to our new (very old) house in CO. It was a long trip and had more than a few unexpected happenings.

3:59AM Friday morning, I am getting ready to leave from B’s house for this adventure and my cell phone rings. It is my mother. “Hey E. Dad’s in the emergency room. He had sever abdominal pain and he just got in the triage. You guys go ahead without us and we will catch up.”

At this point I am bursting with questions but of course there are no answers yet so I keep them to myself. My excitement for the road trip/move has dramatically dulled.  “ok, tell dad I love him and I hope he is ok.” I say, and hang up. WHAT!?? Why now? So it was a rocky start to our 11-person trek to Denver. I find out a few hours later he has a 6mm (big) kidney stone and was given morphine for the pain. Somehow, he is not drowsy anymore at 7am, when they leave and my mom, dad, and brother begin their–now separate–drive. We get to Denver at approximately 10pm to unload Christian’s stuff into his apartment. His girlfriend and himself are now out of the picture. The 9 of us left (my family arrives in Denver about an hour later) for a less-than-classy Motel 6 to stay the night. We arrive at our destination the next morning about 10am. My dad is at the ER again for severe pain. He had spent the entire night (unfortunately I was witness as I was in the same room)   tossing and turning and pacing and trying really hard not to wake us up, even though all of us were awake–the whole night. This routine continues for almost every night, and is worsened when we stay in at 7500 elevation for 3 nights. The kidney stone was supposed to pass in 1-3 days and it never passed the entire time my family was here (6 days). Now they are on their way back to AZ, and I am sitting in our house.

I  have a lot to do. Boxes everywhere, cleaning, organizing. I am alone, B is in ND for another week. I cannot grasp that I live here now. It is very surreal. The elevation really got to me when we were at 7500, but yesterday when I ran here at 5000, it was a little better. Hopefully I’ll be used to it by the end of next week.

Completely new chapter.

Like the first page of a brand new notebook.

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