Indeed. I am at work, and I bring back a patient to a room to get treated. His name sounds so familiar and he even looks slightly familiar but I cannot place him. This is probably the third time he has come in when I was there, and each time I just know I know him from somewhere.

Well let me tell you, sometimes it is a good thing to just keep these things inside your head. Of course, this is not what I did. I tell him he looks really familiar as I am putting electrodes on his shoulder. “Do you teach somewhere?” I ask, assuming maybe I had seen him on campus repeatedly. Looking a little confused, he tells me he does.”Where?” I say. “ASU, I teach psychology..” silence on my part. Heart rate sky rockets. oh, god, oh god. Why did I have to ask! Why couldn’t I have realized who he was on my own!? This man knows everything about me. This man has probably read some of these entries. Why you say? Oh because he is the head of the psych center where I went to get counseling. He oversees all the doctoral students who are the counselors. He advises them.

Calmly, I continue to set him up, quickly, and drop the conversation. 15 minutes later, I have to go back in to take him down. Maybe he has no idea who I am, which is highly likely, so it’s ok. WRONG!!! Assume to fast. I go in and the first thing he asks me is where I go to school. Crap. I wonder how many people who seek therapy are going to Northern CO. I’m guessing I am the only one. I’m no good at lying, so I just tell him I am going to Northern CO and I just finished up at MCC. Won-der-ful. Now if the guy is not smart enough to put two and two together or if there was any doubt, don’t worry this story is not over. I am mortified at this point, completely embarrassed and really hoping he did not know who I was.

Twenty minutes later, he is icing in a chair situated near one of the physical therapists who asks me how my legs felt after yesterday workout. I tell him about last nights run and this mornings run. hmmm…girl who vaguely recognizes Dr. + going to school in CO+running=girl who sought counseling and was overseen by Dr.  

Of course, he never said anything. There is even a slight chance he does not know who I am. (ugh, right.) At least I only work there 4 more times, so I will probably only see him a few more times. But how freaking embarrassing. I mean, I have no idea how much of what is said in a session is relayed back to the supervisor. But even just the fact that he possibly knows I was throwing up is mortifying enough for me. Let alone all the gory details.

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