I took my eleven-year-old next door neighbor ice skating today. We had fun. I love hanging out with her. Something about watching kids have fun is very rewarding.

My dad told me the other day about how in college he used to go to sit in the sauna all day and nibble (his word, not mine) on a head of lettuce. This, in order to lose weight for wrestling. I asked him how it was possible that he won matches like that. His response was that is was very hard. That’s all. Very hard. As if it was ok. I told him he was crazy.

Well, that is crazy. What I do not understand is, how is it possible for him to not understand what I was trying to do, then, in high school to lose weight.  How is it different? It’s only different because the way that people brought it to his attention was not that I was trying to lose weight for running, it was that I outright had an eating disorder. Well, no one ever told him that eating only a head of lettuce and shedding water weight in a sauna constantly was wrong, they cheered him on. They never told him he could have some sort of eating disorder. Or disordered eating. Or EDNOS. or obsession. Well, what the hell. How is that so much different???? Maybe I let it get to me more, take over my mind more. But who knows? Who is to say he didn’t constantly and obsessively think about calories and the scale and exercising off pounds. I BET HE FUCKING DID. yeah.

I have been graced with all of my father’s traits. And none of my mother’s. Physical, emotional, verbal, communicative, social, behavioral…

And it seems, when two people are so highly similar to one another they either get along superbly, or they cannot stand each other.

Well, we have our moments of both.

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