Yup, I am about to write about how I feel about pizza. Normally, pizza scares me, literally. I know its greasy fat content, especially if said pizza is glazed with toppings like pepperoni. Being Father’s Day, my brother and I asked dad what he wanted for dinner–the end result being Hawaiian pizza. So we order it, actually, I order it over the phone, we drive down there to pick it up. Note: during this time I am not nervous. Now I am going to guess the average person does not get nervous about pizza, ever. Pizza is high on my unwritten unsafe foods list. I did consider this before I ate the two slices of pizza, but only briefly and I dismissed the thought. AND I didn’t want to purge after. At all. I was fine. I wasn’t even thinking anything at all about how I just ate unsafe food and calories and fat, etc.

It must be OK to eat “unsafe” foods sometimes. And feel entirely OK about it. (and since I said OK twice in this paragraph I am increasingly wondering what OK stands for and why the computers automatic dictionary will not let me write “okay” as I thought it was an acceptable word…hmm….) Anyway, I thought this was important. Because I have not felt alright with eating pizza in a very very long time. And to not even get the least bit nervous about it is…freeing to say the least.

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