holy crap I need to be more positive. Some good things have been going on, too. I am just so intently focused on the negative things. For instance, Friday about an hour after I got the MRI news, one of my patients and her husband came in, like usual. Another tech had brought them back to a room, so the husband peeks his head out the door, makes eye contact with me and gives that “come here” wave. I obey.

Upon entering the room he jokingly tells me I am in trouble. “oh great” I say, “because I’ve had a pretty horrible morning” unsure if my eyes are noticeably red from crying thirty minutes earlier,  I laugh. He then goes to his jacket pocket and pulls out and iPod Shuffle. My eyes widen and a smile creeps across my face. “This is for you.” They go on tell me that they appreciate everything I’ve done, and sometimes they just do stuff like this for nice people. “oh goodness, thank you, I don’t think I can accept it!” “oh yes you can.” “thank you so much….I don’t know what to say…”

I’ll miss them. They are snowbirds and leave for NV at the end of the week.

Today Fiona and I had a lot of fun jumping around in little puddles we created on the sidewalk with the hose and leaving footprints everywhere. I informed the parents today of the day that I leave, and Fiona says, “Where are you going?” Mom tells her they will have to talk about that later, and Fiona, suddenly realizing I am probably leaving says, “I am going to miss Emily.”

My heart dropped for a second. Yeah Fi I am going to miss you too.

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