I was doing laundry. Walking back with freshly clean clothes. When suddenly I could not walk any longer. Not even halfway back to my apartment door, and I was just standing there, my weight on my left leg, holding my laundry. It was dark, and late, maybe 11pm. The tears just came to my eyes although they did not roll down my cheeks, they stayed there blurring my vision. I most certainly do not live in a good part of town, and most would say it is not such a genius idea to be out and about at 11pm, alone. I thought about this and quickly thereafter decided to take another step. The pain riveted down my leg and paralyzed my knee. I’m not making this up, I could not move my knee. My quadriceps and hamstrings were working together to make this walk back most difficult. They kept spasming and to the best of my knowledge, I think pushing on a nerve because that pain was wrenching. After standing like a cripple for a few minutes, the pain dissipated but as one might imagine I was afraid of trying to put my weight on my right leg again. Of course, I did so anyway. Immense pain followed. Now I can really barely see, the welled up tears in my eyes almost ready to fall. I was hoping for some sort of miracle. Some handsome guy to whisk me off my feet and carry me (and my laundry) back to my apartment.

This did not happen.

However after repeating the take-a-step-stop-wait-for-pain-to-lessen-take-another-step process a dozen more times, it became manageable to hobble back to my apartment at a reasonable rate.

THIS happened AFTER the previous entry. I thought to myself, well I will go to get my laundry, an then see how I feel. Let me tell you, if I was even remotely upset before, upon return I was furious. AND right when I opened the door to my room, bam, knee gives out again. To the floor. Don’t cry don’t cry!

Shower. crying. The tears mixed with the tap water and swirled down the drain.

So did dinner.

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