3 thoughts on “Anoche

  1. Dear Emily:
    Please go talk to someone wise (a psychiatrist?) about how you feel. You are beating yourself up. Why must you be perfect? Who decides what’s perfect? You’re missing out on all that is wonderful by thinking only about yourself and thinking about yourself only negatively.
    Please, please, please try to find someone who can help you before you waste another minute not appreciating how wonderful you are. Please, please, try before you get really sick.

    Love yourself,


  2. I do talk to someone. I just articulate better through writing. Also, my journal is only a small representation of myself as a whole and I generally only write in it when I am highly emotional.


  3. It’s true, it usually helps. Don’t worry about how your blog comes up, if it helps you get all the crap out of your head, then it’s the perfect therapy.

    Take care.


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