Wednesday was a huge day. I got a call back from the clinic, and had set up an appointment with a therapist. So Wednesday at three I drove down there, so so nervous. I was shaking and sweating and my heart was beating fast. I found the place without much trouble, and was greeted by a lady at the front desk. She handed me paperwork mostly stuff just saying that this was a clinic run by the University and blah blah blah sign here so we can use you in our studies if we want to. So I signed. And finally the therapist greeted me in the waiting room. Ok so I don’t know why but I feel really awkward being all smiley and excited when being greeted by a therapist. I’m just thinking, are you really that excited to talk with me for an hour? Really? I guess I was just really nervous and scared and she was not.

For the record, the intake session went well. It was much much much better then the intern at HF.  I left with a sense of relief, like maybe there is some sort of hope. Maybe.

Then, I went to practice and C ran the whole workout with me, which was really helpful. I did ten 400’s, Most were about 91-92 seconds, the last two were 88, 86. So I felt good about that. It was a good day.

I have to work tomorrow, then going to U of A for a track meet. I’m not racing quite yet though. I’ll wait till next week. It’s just a smaller community college meet and I’ll be running the 1500. THEN it is the carlsbad 5000 in Cali April 1st. I am excited about that one because it’s a road race and I really do not prefer track, cross country/road racing is far better.  I can’t believe break is almost over. It went by much too fast–I don’t feel like I did anything exciting (well, I didn’t) or productive for that matter. ugh.

Oh yes, and I weighed myself this morning: 117. At first it said 116, but I was thinking, no fuckin way, so I moved the scale and stepped on it a bajillion times and 117 was the final conclusion. So I have lost about 6 pounds. 7 more to go!

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