Does the state of being hungry always mean that one should partake in the act of eating? Sure, the answer appears to be rather obvious, but wait. Take an obese person. Hunger strikes them, their brain says eat, and their stomach grumbles. But does this mean the obese person–who has more than enough to live on for a few days, possibly weeks, is really in need of food?

So I am hungry. According to my stomach. But I swear I have eaten enough for today and tomorrow combined. (really.) And I’m sitting here thinking about this. Is it just that my brain expects to eat at certain times of the day and certain amounts of food and therefore I am hungry even though I may not be in need nutrients? Or is one’s body truly that smart, and one only becomes hungry when they NEED to eat?

It’s tricky, no?

I have come to the realization that I am completely over-scheduled. I have far too many obligations. I cannot handle 16 credit hours, track practice, and 15 hours of work every week. I am way too stressed out. My body is in a constant state of flight-or-fight. I am nervous/anxious for no reason (other then I am stressed out about not getting something done all the time) and I cannot relax. I am trying. But it is impossible. I don’t know what to do about it though. I can’t drop a class. I can’t quit track. and I cannot stop working……….because I have car payments. I would feel terribly guilty and in debt to my dad if he started paying my car payments.

ugh. I feel like I am getting sick. surprise.

On a good note, I finished the entire workout today at practice, ahead of Amaree and Deanna and just behind Bri. And I felt good during it, both mentally and physically. So maybe Jeff was right; maybe your strength (after being injured) really does improve exponentially once you get back in the swing of things. I just was not patient enough.

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